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Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's a Magical Paper Escape Every Month!

Have you heard the buzz that's been going around lately?

Well, if you haven't heard about it yet, it's not too late to get all the exciting information before it's too late. 

Get it on Monday, January 14, 2013

Sweep away the mundane-your creativity carriage awaits!

Paper Pumpkin, Paper Pumpkin, Paper Pumpkin. Yes I think I want the Paper Pumpkin

Try Me—You'll Like Me

Available in March
I'm Paper Pumpkin . . .
  •       I come to your door each month (a fully decked-out creativity carriage). I'll help you to escape your life with some paper fun.
  •       I come in a sweet box, but you'll really love what you find on the inside:
  •       I come with all the stamps, ink, paper, and accessories to create printable projects. Create stuff like cards, journals, d├ęcor, and more!
  •       I'm all cut, measured, and ready—with instructions included. (Don't worry, I'm easy.)
  •       I'm only $16.95 (plus shipping).

Paper Pumpkin by Stampin' Up! is a new monthly kit program that anyone (even you) can enjoy!
Afraid of commitment? Too much pun'kin for you to handle?
You can try me and I'll visit just once. (But I know you'll want me to come back every month.)
Just click on this link if you want to try Paper Pumpkin for only one month.
Try It!

Getting Started

Here's How You Order
Get Paper Pumpkin Now!
It's so easy to get started. Simply sign up for the program starting Monday, January 14, 2013 by visiting www.mypaperpumpkin.com and click

Every month a new, surprise project kit arrives at your doorstep. Just think of the anticipation of creating a fun project to pin, showoff, and share with your friends and family-every month!
Of course, you'll want to know more. So here's the nitty gritty:
  • Each kit gives you a 30-minute creativity escape.
  • We will ship your Paper Pumpkin on or around the 15th of the month.  
  • You need to sign up for a kit by the 10th of the month to get that month's kit. If you sign up on the 11th of the month, your first kit will come the next month. (Let's say you sign up on May 10th, we'll send your kit around May 15th. If you sign up on May 11th, we'll send your first kit around June 15th.)
  • A Paper Pumpkin membership is $19.95 per month (and shipping is included!)
  • There's no commitment, you can cancel your monthly Paper Pumpkin at anytime. You can also skip a month if you want.
  • Starting in early March, we'll offer a Try-It kit if you'd like to try Paper Pumpkin for one month.
  • The Welcome Kit is the very first Paper Pumpkin you will receive in your first month of membership.The Welcome Kit includes a free gift-a clear acrylic block! (SWEET! )  :)
Questions? We've Got Answers

Q: It asked me if I have a demonstrator—what is that?
A: A demonstrator is a super cool creativity coach that sells Stampin' Up! products. We'll give you the option to choose a demonstrator when you sign up for a membership. You're definitely going to want one. But you can still join without selecting a demonstrator.However, if you've already created an account with me (Bea Redd) please make sure my name is in the upper right hand side of the screen that indicates I am your Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.
Q: Why are we offering Paper Pumpkin?
A: Paper Pumpkin is the perfect introduction to Stampin' Up! We designed it for crafters that want to create a project each month, but aren't quite ready to build a stamp collection (yet).
Q: How does shipping work with Paper Pumpkin?
A: Your Paper Pumpkin will be automatically shipped to you each month (so fun!). Because we are auto shipping these, the pricing structure is slightly different from our other Stampin' Up! products.
Q: What comes in my Paper Pumpkin?
A: It's a surprise each month—anticipation for the surprise is seriously half the fun! No worries, though, you'll have everything you need to complete the project: paper, stamps, ink, accessories, and more! (You will need to provide your own adhesive.)
Q: Does my Paper Pumpkin project come with instructions?
A: Yes, of course it does. The instructions will tell you everything you need to know. And they are so easy to follow—we promise.
Q: When Will I Be Billed?
A: Your credit card will be charged as soon as your Paper Pumpkin ships. You will get an e-mail notifying you that your card has been charged.

I don't know about you, but this sound like a GREAT deal and I'm going to go for it and GET IT and I hope you will too. Just remember that when you go to sign up for this great deal, please make sure that the screen indicates that I (Beatriz Redd) am your Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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