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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another Night

Hello Stampers and friends,
I know I haven't posted a lot like I promised I would but it seems that December is also a busy month for me and this year is not exception. Howere, I did get stopped in my tracks when I heard the news along with so many others in this country, about what happened in Newtown Conn.
Well, it seems that every since this horrible day, it has gotten into my thoughts and my heart and tonight I just had to get it out. So I am sharing this because I belive The Lord is moving me to do so.

Another Night

Another night has come and I lay here hundreds of miles away from that dreadful day that the children were taken away. There is only sadness there now, there are cries and screams in the dark that pierce the empty air for the love ones that are no longer there.

Another night has come and I know I must close my eyes, but when I do all I see is those little ones. And in an instant, life is not the same, because of a man they know not his name.

Another night is here to stay until the light chases it away. But in this night there is no light, just the sadness and the pain that cannot be explained.

Another night ends the day, another day farther away from the day evil thought it would stay.

I didn't know them, those little ones, but the tears, they just come, when I think about that day when evil came.

Their big brown, blue, green and maybe even hazel eyes where  unbelief set in when they tried to run. But to heaven they entered one by one. Twenty little angels they are now. Can you hear them? Can you feel them if you slow down?

The teachers held them close, and for that they were saved, the most.

Oh the pain they must now feel, mother, father, sister and brother. Then there's grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt and even cousin. The pain will live on for who knows how long, but another night comes to end the day that evil came.    

Another night I pray 'Oh Lord, please take the pain away from the hearts that had to stay'. We ask 'Why' and 'How' this could have happened, but we know not the answers just the pain. Now we ask 'How Long' do I have to stay without my little one because life it too hard to sustain. 

But another night has come to give everyone another chance to raise your hands and pray. Pray for the little ones who will forever know that evil day. Pray for the parents and loved ones who find it hard to bear it through another night. 

Another night is always followed by another day, so pray.

This is dedicated to the family, friends and coworkers in Connecticut  who lost someone that horrible day and to those who did not know anyone there but still feel the pain. 
These words just came to me so I felt like I just had to write them down because there is someone out there that needs to read this.
I hope that these words will help someone out there, even if it's just one person. 

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