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Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a surprise

Today is Sunday and I got up and went to church. I really enjoy church but because I went to be so late last night, I was a little groggy this morning in church. Shame on me.
Anyway, after getting home and having lunch with my husband, we just relaxed then I got a phone call.
It was from my first born nephew from my oldest brother. What a surprise!
I knew I would be hearing from him but just not today so it was nice to hear from him. Afterall, this it the first time I have ever talked to him.
My brother and my nephew's mother split up soon after he was born. We lost tract of them so we never got to know Marc Anthony, my nephew.
He and his mom searched the internet and found me. What a surprise!
I am so happy that my family has grown by four more feet.
Welcome back Rachel and Marc Anthony Rodela.

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